Soccer – The Beautiful Game

By Kabir Bhargava

Soccer is the world’s most popular game. Pele once called it ‘The Beautiful Game’ and now that is a known phrase for it. I have been involved with soccer for about five years, and at the moment consider it my favourite game.

Soccer is mainly played in two forms, International and Club. I prefer Club because it is more involving and there are many more Club matches then International.

International Soccer

Soccer is not much about playing international except for the World Cup which is the most famous tournament held every four years, and countries around the world can play it if they qualify. Brazil is the best in the world cup and I support them. Other International tournaments are the Euro, Copa America, Asia Cup, and African cup. This way almost all countries play some tournament. The most famous of these is the Euro. The Euro is also held once in four years. It was held last in 2008 and Spain won. I am looking forward to the World cup in 2010 where as usual I would support Brazil. In the Euro I supported Netherlands and India in the Asia cup, who won in 2008.


All club matches are important these days. All clubs play leagues. The most famous being the English Premiere League. At the moment, on first place is Manchester United whom I want to win. The best players of this season are Nicholas Anelka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho and more. Then comes the best league (according to me), The Spanish Premiere league. I like it because my favorite team plays in it — FC Barcelona. I started liking it because of my favorite player Ronaldinho. He is now in AC Milan which is my favorite Italian club. But I still consider Barcelona as my favorite. They are coming first in their league and have a 12 point lead from the team on second place. Then comes the biggest league for all, The UEFA Champions league. It is the league in which the top five teams of all leagues play together. I am looking forward to the final on 27th May.

I play soccer everyday with my friends and the days I can’t go out, I make up by playing Fifa on my PS2 . I play Midfield or Attack positions. My school has a league every year and I have been joining it for the last five years. In the league we play serious football every Sunday. Random teams are made and my past teams have had innovative names like Roaring Rapids, Dynamites, Nokia Nighthawks and Smart Gunners (the best I’ve got).

Soccer is like a religion to me. Who is going to worship it with me?

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