Moving On

By Kabir Bhargava

I am now moving on to class 8. The last few days of school are of course the best since we party all day and play on the field. And because we know a break is around the corner. But towards the end of this 

break, we think it was nothing! And then we start our new class.

The books for class 8 weighed about 5kgs and I almost collapsed carrying them. The first few days in the class usually feel very different as there is much more work to do. Also, I always have problems writing my class correctly since I am so used to writing the previous class. Our school used to have exams from class 6. But they stopped them till the finals of class 8 and instead kept a weekly test of 40 marks every Wednesday. So this year I would have final exams. I fear that this year would be a lot tougher because of that. But then I just stop and think to myself that there is no turning back now.

The next big milestone would be to give my boards. That’s the only thing that really scares me right now. Also, every alternate year we get shuffled – our four sections get jumbled up to form four new sections with different students. In class 6 I had made a great group of friends but we got shuffled in class 7. Now there is going to be a new section ‘E’ so to absorb the new bunch of students, we will get shuffled again! I do hope that I get my friends from class 6 again. After all school can’t just be academics without making lasting friendships.

4 thoughts on “Moving On”

  1. That’s a scary if colorful set of books! The scariest is Mastering Mathematics.

    However, there’s no escaping it, is there! Just a few years – and then you’re master of your own time.

  2. Dear Kabirtaker,

    You don’t need to be scared of the boards; you need to demolish them just as you would on the Playstation 2 !

  3. @Mala Bua: I too find Maths scary, on my first day I found out that my Maths teacher is someone like Trunchbull. She has taught me before and is very strict. Thanks anyways.

  4. @Anjuli Bua: I like the name you have given me. I ‘ll try to play the boards like a game. Thanks a lot for the advice.

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