By Kabir Bhargava

When we reached Baga in Goa, and saw the beaches, the main thing that happened on the beaches were the water sports. There was a Water Scooter which went really fast and was really bumpy. Then there was a Boat Ride and of course the Para Sailing. At first I thought it was really scary and that I wanted to stay away from it. So when we left Baga, the next beach place we went to was called Sernabetam. We just happened to go to the beach on the first day. On this beach there were even more people going for water sports. I wasn’t at all prepared for this, I was being forced to go Para Sailing. People were telling me I would want to go again if I went.

And my Dad told me I wouldn’t be allowed to. So I thought I may as well just experience it and see for myself. I was very scared. I went with my Dad. They hooked me and then the boat we were tied to, took off. We were airborne, for a moment I thought I would fall down, but then I thought, why would people make this sport and why is it so popular if people fall down. Then I was actually enjoying myself. For about 7 seconds I enjoyed it and then we came down. It was so short, only 20 seconds, and they charged 500 rupees. They were right, I did feel like going again (still do). It was really a lot of fun.

So I learnt, that one should always try new things otherwise I would always have had a negative point on Parasailing. But there is one thing you have to agree with, that is that the water scooter is dangerous!


PS: Photos taken by Mom.

5 thoughts on “Para-Sailing”

  1. Hey Kabir ! Nice writing mate ! Love your style, it is very readable and smooth :-)Maybe next time you should try paragliding ..but you need to get to a 40Kg weight first …so eat up !!!

  2. Thanks, But I am still trying to improve. I’d love to try paragliding, tell me when you’re going next, till then I am only 32 kgs.

  3. Well, for a few seconds you know what a bird feels like! Fun reading — tell more. Did you finish up Goa’s sausage supplies?

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