My School Days

I study at the Shri Ram School Aravali. It is an ICSE board school which is considered to be quite tough. From 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, I am out at school. I can confirm that school life is tough.

I wake up at 7 but get out of bed by 7:15. After getting ready and eating breakfast, I leave for the bus stop at 7:50-55 and it is about a two-minute walk. I reach school by about 8:15. School starts at 8:30. The entire day is dedicated to studying with an hour for breaks and on some days of the week an activity like Games, Drama, Library etc. The school provides lunch that is pathetic. We serve ourselves only half a spoon of each dish and spread it, leaving the effect that we ate a lot. The best part about any day at school is being with friends and talking. I get really tired throughout the day and reach home only by 3. Then I have to do any incomplete work or homework.

It was only a year and a half back that our school got a new Principal. Since then, things have advanced a lot. The current school building would become the senior wing and there is a junior wing coming up on the side. It is said that we would have lockers in corridors instead of desks and there would be subject classrooms. I am looking forward to that day. Also, a Friday- stay- back started. There were groups allotted. I was in the Photography group. The others were Dramatics, Cookery, Horticulture, and Debating. This was only done for the senior school. Since the junior school went back home, there was a shortage of buses. The stay- back was from 2:30 to 3:30. Three buses were combined to one and then we left. So, in a 50- seater bus there are 70 students. After three Fridays, the clubs stopped. Since then we have been having inter- house competitions or matches. On Fridays, I reach home  around 4:30 pm due to badly organized buses. The exam schedule has also changed. The rule of exams from class 6 has been replaced by weekly cycle tests. This was done to avoid too much studying and tension. The cycle tests carry 40 marks and are held every Wednesday. They are quite easy and manageable. But exams start at the finals of class 8 once again. I have given a year of exams and a year of cycle tests. I am giving half a year of cycle tests and then exams since I am in class 8 now.

School has become very strict about student presentation and discipline. There is insistance of tucking in of the shirt and keeping short hair where students prefer the opposite for a casual look.

I am always looking forward to the next weekend or a long break. Last week we had a five- day break. Wednesday was Holi, Tuesday was Eid, Monday was declared a holiday and the weekend before that. Due to the holiday on Monday, the next Saturday was school. So we got only a day’s break which was Sunday. School to me means something dreadful! What did yours mean to you?  

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  1. Kabir…I also found two of my three schools rather dreadful. When I compare my schools with your’s though, your’s sounds like a friendly place to be. My schools served no lunch and if my Mom was sick and couldn’t give me a tiffin, there would be hardly any food to eat at the school canteen.

    During classes III-V, I had to get to school by walking over 20-30 minutes. I also had to ensure that my smaller sister and brother did not get left behind. From classes VI-IX, the commute arrangement was worse – without a school bus, my group of 6-7 children had to first take a cycle rickshaw to a bus stand (took about 30 min), get into a local roadways bus to the airforce campus (1 hour), then there would be a walk of 20 min. In winter or summer, this arrangement had to be followed and I didn’t have the luxury of leaving my books in school or getting clean drinking water in school so had to lug a lot of load during this daily journey. Despite all the effort, I would be one out of 50+ students in the class and would hardly get heard or noticed. My CBSE board meant sitting for quarterly unit tests/half-yearly and annual exams from class I ! Shriram noticed that annual exams put too much pressure on students before they were ready to handle it, so brought in the policy of regular tests instead – CBSE schools are more bureaucratic in their processes so don’t manage to make such child-friendly changes in a hurry.

    Tell me what you think of my schooling 😉

  2. As I’ve kids in 10th and 6th now, I was about to write a comment in response to this post. However, only when I got to the comments section did I realize that this is an old post. So, though I am continuing with the comment, it will be different from what I first wanted to say!

    How is Kabir doing now? Where is he studying? You guys need to keep updating this blog … just like I am trying to do (with mine!). 🙂

    Best wishes!

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