Me, Myself and I

Me as in Kabir Bhargava who is 11 years old.I study in the Shri Ram School Aravali which is in Gurgaon DLF Phase 4. I live in messy Gurgaon but in a quiet, good and clean place called Green Woods City (Sector 46). I love Soccer, it is my favourite sport too. I am also pretty good at it. In food, I love all sorts of junk food (Pizzas, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Salami Sandwiches and other sandwiches and all sorts of chips, and lots of other yummy junkfood). But I do not eat all that so often, because I have to eat healthy food which I do not like and consider it a waste of time. I also like Italian food and Chinese food.

I love playing video games too. My favourite colour is Red. In soccer I have lots of favourite players, teams and clubs but my favourite ones are-



Club-F.C. Barcelona.

Thats all about Me, Myself and I. Watch this space about other things that are awesome.

 Written By Kabir Bhargava

3 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I”

  1. Hi Kabir – this is one of your Bhua’s you have never met. I wud like to visit your snazzy Gurgaon sometime. I am sure it is far from messy…I live in the US, you have a cousin here she is 13 and her name is Ritika, I can bet you your dad has never mentioned our existence to you…haha – I will send you a pic of ours

  2. It was Mom’s idea to edit out positive adjectives I had used for Gurgaon. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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